Have you ever wondered about the historical and theological roots of our little church here in Valdosta? What we believe and how we live are intrinsically linked to what God did in Europe 500 years ago. Martin Luther, a convert from Roman Catholicism, made a stand for the sole authority of God's Word. When told at the Diet of Worms on April 18, 1521 that he must recant his view that a sinner is justified by faith alone, Luther responded with these words that laid the bedrock for the foundation of our church today: "Unless I am proved wrong by Scriptures or evident reason, then I am a prisoner in conscience to the Word of God. I cannot retract, and I will not retract. To go against the conscience is neither safe nor right. Here I stand; I can do no other; God help me! Amen."

     Upon this foundation were laid the Five Pillars of the Protestant Reformation:

Scripture Alone

Christ Alone

Faith Alone

Grace Alone

Glory to God Alone

     Redeemer Presbyterian is constrained in all that it believes and does by these indispensable truths. May God bless our work here in Valdosta as we continue to manifest the spirit of the Protestant Reformation!

We will celebrate Reformation Sunday on October 30th. Our celebration will continue with a church-wide fellowship supper that evening. Please mark your calendar.