The Mission’s program at Redeemer Presbyterian Church shall be defined as any endeavor to fulfill the great commission of Christ by proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, making disciples, and relating to the whole need of mankind-spiritual and physical.
The scriptural purpose of Redeemer involvement in missions is:

To fulfill the great commission of Christ (Matt. 28:19-20)
To share Christ’s heart for the world (Matt. 9:36-38; 18:10-14)
To build up the body of Christ through discipling (Eph. 4:12-16)
To minister to the totality of human need (Matt. 25:31-46)
To obey Christ by confessing HIM to the world (Matt. 10:32-33; 25:41-51)


The committee to carry out the mission is composed of members from Redeemer who have a heart for missions.
The present committee (2014-2015) is:

John Anderson, Chairman
Matt Waters, Vice Chairman
Sharron Gandy, secretary
Janet Haworth
Susan Cowart
Mary Young Manning
Cal Huxford
Carolyn Sumner
Scott Horne, pastor

The committee sets the budget for a year (September to August) from a giving method of Faith Promise. Anyone may join the missions committee if they have an interest in missions, desire to learn more about missions, are willing to work hard in a mission’s capacity, and have a vision for missions. The committee usually meets once a month to pray and discuss various issues.

As you will see, this is a working committee which is charged to pray for each of our missionaries. The committee gets updates and prayer requests and must keep these before the congregation. Please pray for this committee as it carries out the task to glorify GOD.
The money pledged during our 2014 Mission Conference will be distributed in the following manner:

Frank Harrell, $400 per month
Sam and Jen Huxford, $400 per month
Robert and Lisa Steward, $400 per month
Jeff and Jamie (can’t use last name), $400 per month
Scott and Kelly Berry, $400 per month

This amounts to $24,000 per year with $92.50 in contingency. Missionaries are paid on a quarterly basis as the funds become available.
Some of the projects that have been done so far are:

Clothing for kids (through the schools)
Manna Drop at the church
Baby Bottle Boomerang (through pregnancy support center)
Operation Christmas Child.

The missions committee has enjoyed working with the congregation on these projects and seeing how God blesses each project.

What is Faith Promise giving?

It is a giving method in which the believer looks to the Lord “in faith,” asking how much HE would have the believer give, then promises to give as the Lord directs. Each year a missions conference is held with a keynote speaker and visiting missionaries taking part. At the end of the conference, everyone who feels led can take part in Faith Promise pledging. The committee then distributes the pledges for the next year, with session approval. Our first year (September 2014 thru August 2015) $24,092.50 was pledged.