Community Groups

Community Group Ministry

Realizing the importance of authentic relationships in our service to God and our community, Redeemer Church deliberately seeks to promote small group fellowship. Community groups are our way of fostering the growth of real, transparent, and dynamic relationships within the context of the larger church family. These home-based groups generally meet twice a month, providing the participants the opportunity to build on existing relationships and form brand new relationships. A typical Community Group experience includes food, fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. These groups serve as an excellent point of entry for folks who are seeking to be assimilated into the family here at Redeemer. Come and join with us as we share our lives with one another!

Community Groups meet accordingly for each individual group.  Some groups meet each week for Bible study, Some groups meet once a month just for fellowship and sharing each other's lives.  Every group can choose what fits them best that they might serve and care for one another.

The Hornes' Community Group

Scott and Marian Horne host a Community Group in their home.



The Andersons' Community Group

Sandra and John Anderson host a Community Group in their home.